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2016 workplace predictions: purpose-driven employment

SEATTLE (December 29, 2015) – As 2015 draws to a close, new technologies and the influx of Millennials to the workforce continue to disrupt the workplace. Fierce Inc., a leadership development and training company, whose clients include Starbucks, Costco and Walmart, empowers companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries to adapt to and thrive in the ever-evolving work environment.

“I love what I do because there is never a dull moment; the evolution of the workplace never slows,” said Susan Scott, founder and CEO of Fierce Inc. “One of the biggest changes we will see in the coming year is employees’ motivation behind taking a new position. No longer will salary and perks be the primary determining factor. While they will still be influential, individuals are looking for a career that gives them a sense of purpose with a company that has a mission that aligns with their personal values.”

Based on extensive hours dedicated to training and research, Fierce Inc. has developed a new set of predictions for the coming year of 2016.

  • RECRUITING TALENT – JOB CANDIDATES MOTIVATED BY PURPOSE, NOT MONEY – In 2016, job candidates will want to ensure a potential company’s purpose and mission align with values they hold near and dear to their hearts. Values and purpose, over tangible items such as salary, will become an increasingly important factor in the decision-making process in the competitive job market. In fact, a high salary is the least important aspect of a job to both men and women, whereas holding a job they enjoy is the most important aspect, according to Pew Research Center. With the rise of social media and online publishing, CEOs and other executives have reached celebrity status unlike ever before, giving them a platform to communicate their personal and professional aspirations directly with the public. This means that the CEO’s vision and persona will be highly influential in the recruiting process, placing a whole new level of responsibility on leaders to accurately represent and depict the mission and ideals of the organization.
  • JOB FLEXIBILITY – THE SHARING ECONOMY INSPIRES JOB SHARING PROGRAMS – Employees expect a degree of flexibility in today’s working world, whether that entails setting their own hours or working remotely. In 2016, employers will need to think out-of-the-box in terms of flexibility by offering employees creative solutions. Fierce predicts 2016 will see the rise of innovative job share programs that draw from principles of the sharing economy. Through job share programs, employees who seek fewer work hours can share shifts on the same role, and work as a team to fill one full-time position.
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – REAL-TIME ANALYTICS GO TO WORK – In 2016, employees will have the ability to track their on-the-job performance data through technologies like people analytics to gain a better understanding of where they dedicate their time and energy and how their performance stacks up with others of a similar job title. Because of greater access to performance metrics, feedback will be provided throughout the year via dashboards, rather than only during formal yearly reviews. As such, managers can take on the role of a coach, empowering their direct reports to self-manage. This allows managers to redirect some of their time to other high-level business strategy tasks, while providing Millennials, a generation that values independence, a style that minimizes micro-managing and integrates technology into their daily lives.
  • MANAGEMENT – WORKFORCE GENERATIONS REQUIRE SHIFTING MANAGEMENT STYLES – Whether you like it or not, Generation Z is entering the workforce and with Baby Boomers still logging their hours, meaning there will be five generations with a 50 year age difference. In 2016 we will see drastic differences in work ethic, approach and management styles. Effective managers will need to be able to adapt on the fly to different employees and find different ways to foster collaboration across generations. Managers will need to understand that each individual, young or old, has their own set of skills and will encourage co-mingling to teach each other. Younger generations can teach how to use emerging technologies and to leverage social media while the older employees can instill the value of face-to-face communication, internal networking and building relationships.
  • INTRAPRENEURSHIP– EMPLOYEES WILL THINK LIKE ENTREPRENEURS – Employees just entering the workforce have witnessed tremendous startup success and seen their peers gain celebrity-like status through social media like Instagram and Vine – this makes them hungry to achieve the same success. 2016 will see a rise of large multinational companies creating startup-centric programs or spin-offs to attract these individuals and drive innovation. Incubator-like training programs will build different skillsets for employees, but the programs will need to be more interactive and provide opportunities for employees to apply the lessons and skills to real life situations.

With Millennials recently becoming the largest generation in the workforce, the most dramatic change in 2016 will be how employees are motivated. The generational shift signals more than minor adjustments in the workplace; it indicates that the mindset, expectations and values of the workforce are changing as more Millennials enter the work force and become managers and leaders. As the influence of Millennials continues to grow, we can expect to see the emphasis companies place on purpose and mission to grow exponentially.

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Fierce, Inc. is an award-winning leadership development and training company that drives results for business and education by improving workplace communication. Fierce creates authentic, energizing, and rewarding connections with colleagues and customers through skillful conversations that lead to successful outcomes and measurable ROI. Tailored to any organization, Fierce principles and methods translate across the globe, ensure individual and collective success, and develop skills that are practical, easy-to-learn and can be applied immediately. Fierce’s programs have been successfully implemented at blue-chip companies, non-profits, and educational organizations worldwide, including Ernst & Young, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, CARE, and Crate & Barrel. Fierce has received numerous industry and business accolades. The company has been honored as an Inc. 500|5000 company four times, in 2011 was named to’s “Companies to Watch” list, and in 2011, 2012, and 2013 selected to Seattle Business magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in Washington lists.

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