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A Fierce Whitepaper


In a Fierce survey of over 1,400 corporate executives, educators and individual contributors across multiple industries, results revealed limited conversation skills are not unique to any one industry and are not influenced greatly by the position held within an organization. Communication approaches and interactions, whether they are effective or ineffective, impact all levels and functions within every sector.

Six key engagement and performance trends emerged as the result of this survey, exposing critical gaps in training. These trends present an opportunity to equip learning leaders and decision makers with focus areas to consider when examining employee performance.

Included in this whitepaper are important insights into the six key trends:

  • Diverse points of view improve the decision-making process.
  • Cross-functional alignment is critical to program survival.
  • Relationships are integral to employee engagement and productivity.
  • People appreciate candor, but do not see enough of it.
  • Success requires productive confrontation.
  • The biggest challenge in leadership development and training is lack of reinforcement.

You will learn how ideals differ from the realities taking place around communication in our organizations and take away actionable strategies that will make a positive impact on performance and engagement.

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