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Fierce Gives Back

Grounded in Generosity

At Fierce, we’re working for the greater good.

Our impact extends beyond the people we train. As our clients learn to have conversations that matter, they revitalize their closest relationships. Listen more closely to a child or spouse. Speak differently to neighbors, sales clerks and waiters. Take the time to get to the truth rather than jump to conclusions.

In short, the work of Fierce knows no bounds. One conversation at a time, we’re improving the lives of people around the world.

Fierce Days of Giving

Twice a year, we shut down our corporate headquarters so the entire team can spend the day serving a local nonprofit organization.

On a Fierce Day of Giving, we might work at a homeless shelter that supports women and children. Plant seedlings destined to feed hungry people. Pitch in at a food bank. No matter where we volunteer, Fierce employees are leading the charge.

Through our company-sponsored Days of Giving, we annually devote more than 18 weeks of staff time to giving back.

The Ripple Effect

Fierce staffers have turned the Day of Giving into a year-round effort to promote the greater good.

Spearheaded by the Fierce Culture Committee, we’ve assembled brown bag lunches — containing sandwiches, chips, socks and gloves — and spent lunch hours handing the bags to the homeless people on the streets of downtown Seattle.

In the spring, we partner with a homeless shelter to create gift baskets for the residents there.

From hands-on efforts like these, to our everyday commitment to authentic communication, Fierce is a force for good in the world.