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A Fierce Whitepaper

Big Picture of ROE: The ROI of Skillful Conversation

A supplementary whitepaper to "The ROI of Skillful Conversation"

For the last couple of years, the focus has shifted. While ROI is still acknowledged as of critical importance, ROE (return on expectations) is being appreciated for what it is: a relevant, focused, big picture look at results.

Rather than spending excessive time and money to establish ROI for all programs or force data into incongruous monetary value, savvy leaders are focusing on both tangible and intangible measures and the bottom line of whether expectations were met.

So how do organizations decide when to focus on the big picture and when to hone in on the details?

Included in this resource:

  • The history of ROI in training assessment
  • ROE and the big picture of learning evaluation
  • Steps for establishing the ROE process
  • Key differences between ROI and ROE and when to focus on each

You’ll learn about the relationship between ROI and ROE, and how you can implement both into your overarching strategy.

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