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Senior Vice President of Learning

Ronna brings more than 20 years of experience in training, staff development, and strategic change. She has been a leader at Fierce since early 2019, and previously worked as a Master Facilitator for the company. Ronna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Communications and a Master of Art degree in Divinity/Psychology. She is a certified facilitator in all Fierce models as well as in Myers Briggs.

Prior to joining Fierce, Ronna worked in recruiting and placement, training development, and executive leadership. Her industry expertise spans small businesses, start-up/online entrepreneurs, non-profits, academics, and the Federal government. She spent 7 years working directly with the U.S. military, providing in-depth transitional consulting and professional development training to all branches of the service.

Ronna is a prolific reader, writer, and lover of good conversation with friends, family, colleagues, even total strangers. She willingly admits to being a huge fan of the thesaurus and drinking too much coffee.

The 3 Best Ways to Manage Your Remote Employees

Work remote is tricky. Common concerns I hear from leaders frequently are: Are people really working? Are they getting the support they need? Are the ...
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Being Uncomfortable: The Choice to Make When the World is Hurting

"We’ll make things better by seeing, by speaking, by doing the work. Even if it’s uncomfortable, especially when it is." ~ Seth Godin This quote is pr...
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This is Why Emotions Belongs in the Workplace

In every Fierce workshop I facilitate or keynote I give, there is at least one point in time (and usually more) when I talk about emotions — why they ...
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The Best Ways to Improve Your Workplace Communication

  If you’re in Leadership & Development or HR, I can only begin to imagine how many conversations you’ve had (or with individuals on your team) r...
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The 1 Tool You Need to Thrive While Social Distancing

I am on day 74 of working from home since COVID-19 landed here in Seattle – not that I am counting. I am an extrovert who always wants to be around pe...
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This is Why Training is More Necessary Than Ever Right Now

"When you are in the middle of a story, it isn’t a story at all, but only a confusion; a dark roaring, a blindness, a wreckage of shattered glass and ...
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2019 Fierce Year-End Message: Why Learning is More Relevant than Ever

Woah, what a year! That’s my initial reaction reflecting on 2019. What a year — in all its blessings and lessons. Based on the thousands of hours of c...
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The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before Investing in Leadership Training

Every year, organizations invest millions of dollars and countless hours in leadership training. Their intention is worthwhile: produce better leaders...
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Why Your Diversity Training is Failing & How to Fix it

Each year, organizations invest a lot of time and millions of dollars into diversity programs.  It’s an important and valuable effort, to be sure...
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How to Train Employees to Thrive in a Multigenerational Workplace 

Millennials now make up more than half of the current workforce. Sadly, despite this data, they bear a wave of criticism in the news, via social media...
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This is How to Ensure New Managers are Successful 

When new managers step into their role, there is so much to do, so much to make happen, and so much to learn. On top of all this, they now have people...
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The Dark Side of Niceness: How Honesty is Taking a Backseat in the Workplace

Being in the conversations business, I pay close attention to the discussions I am having with leaders across industries and regions. In the past coup...
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4 Tips for Fearless (and Successful) Confrontation 

Let’s face it, who wants or enjoys confrontation?!? We tend to need a pretty compelling reason to undertake something so rife with potential disaster,...
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Here's Why Different Perspectives Lead to the Best Ideas

You've probably heard it before — seek input, be inclusive, welcome perspectives, collaborate with others. But why? Where does this premise ...
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Why Feedback is the Missing Ingredient in Leadership Training

As someone with more than 20 years’ experience teaching leaders how to have effective conversations, I strongly believe that feedback is extremely imp...
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