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Fierce Delegation®

Grow leadership skills in your team.

An approach that clarifies roles, ends micromanagement and puts people on a clear path of professional development.

Do you distribute tasks and call it delegation? That model is costing you money and slowing your growth. Maybe you struggle with these:

  • Unfair workloads
  • Organizational silos
  • Micromanaging

When you don’t delegate, you damage your team — and your success.

The Plan

In the Fierce Delegation program, master facilitators reveal:

  • Strategies to grow execution and leadership skills in your team
  • How to break through barriers to delegation
  • Why delegation is the most underutilized tool for professional development
  • How to identify strengths and clarify expectations
  • How to stop micromanaging and contribute where you’re most needed
  • Methods to build trust through transparency and open communication
  • How to create a framework for professional development

You’ll turn to the Delegation program as the best way to:

  • Ensure individuals know where they have the authority to make decisions and act
  • Deepen accountability through clarifying expectations
  • Give direct reports the opportunity to take on more tasks
  • Distribute workloads more evenly throughout the organization

"Fierce Conversations has proven to be one of the most practical, thought provoking and relevant programs we offer to our associates today."

- Lou St. Ville, Crate & Barrel


It’s not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation. You’ll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

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It's not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation.You'll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

It’s sticky and easy to implement.

First-class facilitators lead all our trainings—whether in-person or online.

Fierce training is completely customizable. Choose from a range of program and delivery options to get the best results for your organization.

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Want to understand the business impact of improving communication throughout an organization? Discover how a culture with more open, candid and respectful communication at every level leads to business success with our whitepaper, Frontline Employee Training: The Business Impact Of Improving Communication Throughout An Organization.

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