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Fierce Conversations for Social Distancing

A mini-course for today’s essential conversations.

When jobs, income, and basic needs are at risk, important conversations get deprioritized, just when you need them most.
In this free mini-course, you’ll learn how to have conversations that strengthen your relationships with the people who matter most in your life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Personal videos from Fierce Leaders: Live from their homes, our leaders share how they are using Fierce Conversations in their own lives right now.
  • Downloadable tools: Templates to guide you through the questions and answers you’ll need to practice and succeed.
  • Actionable insights: In doing the work, you’ll create “Aha!” moments that will change your life, one conversation at a time.

The disconnect — or distance — we experience in our personal and professional relationships often has nothing to do with physical proximity.
Social distancing and remote working have simply exacerbated a preexisting issue.

Overcoming those obstacles starts now.
Learn how to have Fierce Conversations that enrich and strengthen your relationships with family, friends and, most importantly, yourself.

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Hear how Fierce leaders are using Fierce Conversations in their own lives.

Susan Scott

Susan Scott, Fierce Founder
Meet Susan Scott, as she talks about the most important conversation — the one with yourself. Listen in as she talks about the challenge of interrogating reality and why a personal stump speech should “sing to your soul,” especially in times like these.

Ronna Detrick

Ronna Detrick, SVP of Learning
Ronna is an expert at teaching others how to use Fierce Conversations skills. She shares her experience of living in close quarters with her adult daughters and using those same skills she teaches.

Stacey Engle

Luis Gonzales, Master Facilitator
Luis has been immersed in teaching leaders how to have Fierce Conversations for more than 4 years. Listen in as he shares three personal experiences of how he’s been using Fierce principles and ideas as he navigates the many challenges of social distancing while grappling with difficult family situations.