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A Fierce Whitepaper

The Financial Rewards of Employee Engagement: Better Relationships Bring Results

Studies show companies with great work environments not only make more money, they are also more likely to be filled with highly engaged employees. In turn, highly committed employees perform 21% better and are 65% less likely to leave the organization than less committed coworkers.

Organizations that focus on growing their employees and helping them build strong relationships with their colleagues and customers reap the rewards of an engaged and committed workforce. Yet, though conversations are the single most powerful tool we have for engaging people, including people, and building execution muscle, it is often the most overlooked.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • Concrete data on the financial rewards of employee engagement
  • Details on how to build organizational relationships and increase engagement
  • The key criteria for an effective ROI process related to leadership and development training that can work for your organization
  • How to target, set expectations, and maintain continuous support in the four key areas: collaboration, candor, trust, and you

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