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A Fierce Whitepaper

The Multigenerational Advantage: 3 Strategies to Leverage the Strengths of Each Generation

With the rise of millennials entering the workforce at a steadily increasing rate, the result in many industries is four generations with very different experiences and skill sets working alongside each other for the first time.

While much research exists about the unique characteristics of the different generations, forward-thinking organizations are more focused on creating a synergizing work environment for all generations. The need to break down barriers, learn from each other, retain knowledge and collaborate is profound.

“Rather than asking for input from people who share my perspective and experience, the question becomes how to embrace and leverage the different vantage points, including those of different generations,” says Susan Scott, CEO of Fierce, Inc.

This whitepaper examines three strategies progressive organizations use to leverage the knowledge and experience of different generations:

  • Replace One-Way Communication with Multi-Dimensional Information Flow
  • Encourage Strategic Partnerships through Traditional and Reverse Mentoring
  • Enhance Engagement and Build Accountability through Delegation

As new generations enter the workforce, the need for better communication, mentorship, and knowledge transfer grows. Learn three actionable strategies to build a multi-faceted culture grounded in effective and authentic conversations.

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