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A Fierce Whitepaper

The ROI of Skillful Conversation: Relationship Advice for Measurable Business Results

The Gallup Organization found that companies with higher-than-average employee engagement had 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales and 50% higher customer loyalty than companies with lower-than-average employee engagement.

Research continues to show that engaged employees—employees who trust their leadership, feel valued and have an authentic connection with their employer—drive higher customer satisfaction and boost the bottom line. Today’s leaders recognize that a successful business depends on competencies such as creativity, candor, authenticity, courage, innovation, and customer relationships.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • The power of engagement and the changing landscape for leadership and development training
  • The most common reasons for implementing an ROI process, as well as the most common barriers to implementation
  • The key criteria for an effective ROI process related to leadership and development training that can work for your organization
  • Brief examples of organizations that proved a measurable ROI in leadership and development training that drove results by developing conversation as a skill

You will learn how to measure and prove the ROI of the training programs that develop the essential skills for success.

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