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Trainer Certification

Train-the-Trainer Certification

Virtual | August 2020

Because of the significant numbers of organizations that have initiated work-remote policies
(including Fierce), we have converted our TTT into a highly-interactive online, virtual, self-guided

Train-the-Trainer certification workshops will be offered through a digital platform complete

  • Relevant, up-to-the-minute videos from Master Facilitators
  • Best-practice resources
  • Facilitator Guide “hacks”
  • Recorded-live versions of Foundations, Team, Coach, Delegate, and Confront
  • Engaging knowledge assessments
  • Live discussion forums
  • Plus, a myriad of other activities that will enable you to feel supported, prepared, and yes, “fierce”

You will also be receiving two certifications in one – access and ability to train Fierce virtually and in-person.

We anticipate that this Virtual Train-the-Trainer experience will become a staple product Fierce will offer long after this outbreak has run its course. We’re excited to make it available to you, to equip you in ways that speak to market and business needs, to serve your ongoing professional development as a trainer/facilitator in the most effective and relevant and timely of ways.


Embed conversational expertise in your team. Certify one — or several — of your employees to train Fierce Conversations at your organization.

Renowned for its rigor and results, this is a highly-engaging workshop that gives your organization an inside edge on conversations that get results. Sign-up and receive:

  • 14 hours of hands-on, interactive sessions
  • Bonding with a small cohort of 6 - 12 learners
  • Rigorous coursework that requires advance study and preparation
  • Real-play exercises that address the issues that you bring to class
  • Time in front of the class to practice facilitating the Fierce training programs
  • Real-time feedback from the instructor and your peers


You’ll dive into all of our proprietary training programs, including:

  •  The core principles of the Fierce approach
  • How to solicit a full range of input to make the best decisions
  • Delegation as a tool for empowerment
  • 3 confrontation styles to avoid — and one to adopt
  • How to reframe your approach to feedback
  • How to connect your head and your heart in a coaching conversation
  • A method to bridge the understanding gap between the generations at work
  • How to take a long-range view in every negotiation


Your computer!

Ready to learn how to talk about what really matters? Get certified in Fierce Conversations today.


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