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Initiative Package

Collaborative, high-impact learning package for maximal sustainability.

Create an expansive communication training initiative to navigate large-scale change, from performance management to leadership development, that will cure your organization’s conversational chaos.


Effective training isn’t a one-and-done activity if you want to see real results. Studies say people forget up to 90 percent of learning without continuous reinforcement. If you want your training to be successful and truly impact your organization long-term, you must embed it into your company’s DNA.

This customized initiative approach utilizes a combination of training types over an extended amount of time to transform your people into powerhouse communicators who improve business results.


Number of top-performing businesses that invest in training initiatives for their employees.

"With Fierce, leaders feel as though CHRISTUS is investing in them by providing learning that helps not only with their job function, but in all areas of their lives."

- Lisa Reynolds, CHRISTUS Health

The Plan

Build a comprehensive, multi-layered training initiative with the Fierce team by choosing the products that best solve your organization’s most critical challenges and business needs:


A private, customized workshop for maximum learning integration. Hire a Fierce Master Facilitator to come to you and teach your employees how to have conversations that get results. Learn more here


Our private virtual workshops are perfect for companies with employees located all over the country or the globe. These workshops are designed to provide the same highly engaging and impactful experience as our private, in-person workshops. Learn more here.


Our trainer certification builds internal accountability, not only at the trainer level but with leadership. By building internal subject matter experts, you demonstrate a deep commitment to the investment of time and resources into organizational training that develops people and creates a healthier culture. Learn more here


Jump-start your next conference, retreat, or team-building session with a speaker who sparks conversational learning that accelerates and supports your journey to better business results. Learn more here


Our executive sessions teach senior leaders how to take responsibility for their impact by having effective conversations that improve productivity, drive business results, shape corporate culture, and strengthen the bottom line. Learn more here


  • Custom content based on an in-depth needs analysis and ongoing consultation with Fierce.
  • Material that ties to your key initiatives and large-scale organizational goals.
  • A flexible timeframe that works for you: from a few hours with a facilitator to recurring workshops that unfold over months.
  • The option to include virtual training in the mix.
  • Participatory, hands-on workshops that engage all levels.
  • Tailored content drawn from Fierce’s proprietary conversation programs.
  • Highly relevant materials you’ll put to instant use.


Our training initiative package equips your organization with new tools to solve the challenges associated with:

  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • High potential programs
  • Onboarding
  • Retention strategies
  • And many more

Certification starts at



What products can you choose from?

You can incorporate any of the following products into your initiative package:

Can we incorporate Fierce into our existing training curriculum?

Yes, we make existing training programs better! Fierce is about getting results, interrogating reality, provoke learning, tackling tough challenges, and enriching relationships through the art and craft of conversation. Fierce was developed for the global challenges of organizations today. We stand beside your current programs and can potentially replace some of them as well.

What is the purpose of the training workshops?

The purpose of the workshops is to take a deeper dive into the four conversational models and the seven principles that Susan Scott created while working with CEO think-tanks for over 13 years. She developed the tools and processes to achieve immediate results.

Who should participate in Fierce training?

Ideally, it would start from the top and work down because anything this important would be more successful with the support of senior leadership. We also have great success working with intact teams and emerging leaders.

Can I get certified to train Fierce?

Yes, you can! You can learn more about that here.

What is the time commitment?

The length of time of your initiative will depend on the products and framework you choose with a Fierce expert. Give us a call at (206) 787-1100 or fill out the form on the right to chat with us to find out what your initiative could look like!

Can my team get SHRM credit for attending training?

Yes! Your team can each earn one credit for every hour of learning, with a maximum of 45 credits.

Build Program


Contact us to talk about how we can help with your toughest challenges.

Call (206) 787-1100 or send us a message.


2018-in-person-workshop Training Initiative Package | Training - Fierce Inc.


A private, customized workshop that teaches your team how to have conversations that get results.

Virtual Workshop


An exclusive online training to get your employees talking about what matters. Led by a master facilitator.

Trainer Certification


A four-day workshop to certify one — or several — of your employees in Fierce Conversations.