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Executive Sessions

Take Fierce to the next
& highest level.

Maximize strategy and weave Fierce ideas, objectives, principles and models into your organizational DNA for ultimate sustainability.

Our executive sessions teach senior leaders how to take responsibility for their impact by having effective conversations that improve productivity, drive business results, shape corporate culture, and strengthen the bottom line.


When senior leaders embody and embrace Fierce initiatives, results are maximized and integrated into the very foundation of the organization. 

To put it plainly, organizational success is at risk if senior leaders don’t lead by example – they must possess the ability to communicate effectively.

Through this executive session, senior leaders will master how to prioritize relationships and how to tie emotional intelligence into their strategic initiatives.


Increase in employee engagement when leaders engage with training.


We know time is incredibly precious for senior leaders. This is why time spent in their own Fierce training is what enables organizational change to be sustainable and overarching training programs to be successful. 

Studies show C-suite collaboration correlates with higher growth expectations. And that’s exactly what we want for you.

Fierce executive sessions provide senior leaders with the ability to have Fierce conversations themselves so they can set the example, set the pace, and set the stage for their employees to have authentic, productive communication that drive business success.



Surge in total returns when leaders are effective communicators.

"Having this knowledge may be a game-changer in both my career and personal life."

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What’s Included

Fierce executive sessions are designed to dive directly into what matters most to senior leaders: strategy, mission, vision, and change management — all with the goal of getting to the heart of the problems they’re facing.

Most sessions are highly customizable to fit your organization’s needs and senior leadership priorities. Each package includes the following as core offering (with add-ons available depending upon the size and need):


The first step is an initial discovery of your needs/objectives to guide our customization on your behalf. This includes two to three phone calls with you and a Fierce Master Facilitator.

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The first step is an initial discovery of your needs/objectives to guide our customization on your behalf. This includes two to three phone calls with you and a Fierce Master Facilitator.

In addition:

  • Administration of an internal assessment (Fierce Factor, etc.) to discern the “state of the union” within your organization.
  • Collation of all data into a report that captures assessment, needs, and next steps.

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A session can last anywhere from a half-day to two or more full days and is based on your needs and desired outcomes.

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A session can last anywhere from a half-day to two or more full days and is based on your needs and desired outcomes.

Content includes:

  • A review of previous Fierce training (or high-level, streamlined training of Fierce for leaders who have not yet experienced it) plus hands-on, practical application of the programs your organization is currently training/utilizing.
  • Discussion and analysis of where your organization is currently using Fierce, a deep dive into what’s working, what’s getting in the way, how to overcome these roadblocks, and needed next steps to confront and manage these issues.
  • Direct application of Fierce to assessed cultural pain points, objectives, initiatives, strategy etc. depending on your needs.
  • Focused integration that increases the sustainability of Fierce within your organization, as well as drives measurable business results.

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Further options include the following:

  • One-hour intake coaching calls with each executive participant (up to 10) before executive sessions.
  • A condensed version of one to two Fierce programs that zeros in on how to use the methodologies in a strategic, hands-on approach.
  • A one-hour virtual group follow-up session focused on increasing action and accountability. This will take place within 30 days of your session.
  • Three-call coaching packages for leaders with pre- and post-work, as well as measurable KPIs.


  • Maximize training sustainability through integration of Fierce within your leadership team and organization.
  • Practical and experiential use of Fierce models and tools unique to your senior leader needs and realities.
  • High-level comprehension of Fierce’s value to your organization, with an emphasis of reinforcing the “lead-by-example” approach to boost employee engagement.
  • Uncovering costs related to unhealthy company culture realities, the avoidance of difficult conversations, and gaps in effective communication skills.
  • Comprehension of Fierce strategic tools and methods to drive organizational success, build a healthy culture, and strengthen relationships.


packages start at


Total price is determined by group size and package customization.


What will executives be walking away with from the executive session?
  • Clear understanding of Fierce value to their organization and their own leadership capabilities.
  • Strategic next steps related to integration of and sustainability of Fierce.
  • Actionable skills that drive to effective conversations and business results.
  • High levels of accountability with other organizational leaders.
  • Shared language and commitment to critical next steps.
  • Increased leadership capability and stronger communication skills.
  • Praxis, not just philosophy.
What does the customization entail?

Based on organizational need, strategic issues, and sustainability commitments, assessment will be done to determine what will drive to strongest impact. Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Size of leadership team.
  • Level of leaders (C-suite, Mid-level management, intact leadership team, etc.).
  • Current implementation of Fierce (and length of organizational tenure in training Fierce).
  • Employee engagement surveys.
  • Initial assessment data.
  • Available time and resources.
What levels of the organization classify for an executive session?
  • C-suite
  • Senior executives/leadership
  • Middle managers
Is there a maximum of leaders who can be included in an executive session?

We want to make the best use of leaders’ time. The preferred experience with the highest impact can be achieved with maximum participation of 25.

Can an executive session be done virtually?

Yes! That said, our experience is that when leaders spend time together, and are face-to-face, the needed conversations happen, the right work gets done, and the results are exponentially increased. These things can happen virtually, and the experience will be its best when leaders physically gather.

What is the time investment?

The sessions can be anywhere from a half-day to up to two full days.

What materials will be included?
  • Administration of internal assessment.
  • Collated report of learned assessment data.
  • Pre- and post-work resources.
  • Any additional training materials (handouts, etc.) for any Fierce training (If new content / training is being provided, toolkits will be at an additional cost).
Are there any additional charges outside of the package?

The only charge outside of your customized package includes facilitator travel and expenses. Everything else is included in your package.

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